Add Members to Spotify Family Account Ultimate Guide 2024

Spotify premium version allows its users to Add Members to Spotify Family Account by adopting some easy steps. Spotify users also can enjoy music with ad-free listening, offline playback, unlimited skips, and much more by just spending a few dollars. Now, the main question arises what is the procedure to add members to a Spotify Account?

Add Members to Spotify Family Account

So let’s attach this particular Article which will guide you through all the details that how to Add Members to the Spotify Family Account.

Open the Spotify application click on settings then click on the Family section, and click on Add Member. Then simply add the email address of each person you want to add and send it to the invitation. A particular person to whom you have sent an email will get an invitation email and click on it and they will be added. This particular Guide explains all aspects of adding members to the Spotify Family Account.

Inviting a person to their family plan is as clean as a walk in the park, but ensuring room for them is essential. Spotify cheerfully includes up to six individuals on their family plan. Now, allow’s discover ways to follow the stairs to ask and welcome a person into your harmonious Spotify circle of relatives.

  • Launch the Spotify application, sign up, or log in with email.
  • Go to the settings Account page.
  • Scroll down, and click on the Manage your Family Accounts section.
Add Members to Spotify Family Account
  • Then click on the Add member button.
  • Please enter the member’s email address so that they can be added to the family plan. Assure the family member lives under the same roof as you.
  • Then simply click on the Send invitation option.
Add Members to Spotify Family Account

Now simply a person to whom you have sent an invitation will be notified by email. Just open the invitation link verify it and join it. Then finally, a person will be added to your family plan.

Add Members to Spotify Family Account

Congratulations! Now you can explore offline playbacks and ad-free music with your family members.

Spotify Premium Family plan is up to 6 family members and it is a very discounted subscription for Family members. Spotify Premium Family plan offers unique features and it is a cost-effective plan. The family plan for 6 people is a very reasonable price. On the other hand, if each member of the family buys an individual plan it costs high.

A particular Family member includes all premium features and all six members can enjoy easily all these premium features. The features included ad-free listening, a high-quality audio experience, offline downloading, unlimited skips and shuffles, and many more. A Family member is easily accessible only for $15. 

Spotify offers one of the great features that it offers Spotify kids section. It makes Spotify more special and kids can also be added to a Family member’s Spotify Account. The main advantage is to keep an eye on kids’ listening history as an admin of a Spotify Family Member Account.

To access a Spotify Premium Family Account, all the members must be part of the same family members and live under the same proof. Spotify’s backend algorithm detects and verifies details of Family Account details and if details are mismatched Spotify bans Account.

  What if the user faces trouble and issues while adding Family members? No worries Sporify Club explains all concerns and issues just follow following these steps:

  • The person you are trying to add.
  • Should have already Spotify Premium Family Plan
  • A person should not live with you.
  • Already a member of another Spotify Premium Family Plan.
  • Restart a device.
  • Click on the correct invitation email.
  • If you face any difficulty contact Spotify Customer Support.

There are the following unique and beneficial reasons to choose Spotify Family.

  • Enjoy Ad-Free Music with Your Family
  • Unlimited Skips for Everyone
  • Access to Spotify Kids
  • High-Quality Audio for Everyone
  • Save Money
  • Easy Plan Management
  • Pick Any Track
  • Unlimited Devices
  • Easy Bill Sharing

No, there is no need for any detail from the recipient’s Spotify account. Just you need the recipient’s email ID to send the invitation link.

A family member who leaves the plan will lose access to Spotify Premium, but all other family members will remain able to listen.

No, there is no additional charge for a Family Premium Account. All six members are to pay a single fixed monthly charge.

Yes, all six members of the Family Premium Account get their separate profiles, and recommendations and can easily customize personalized playlists.

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