Spotify vs. Gaana 2024

Spotify vs. Gaana are the two best music streaming platforms for all music lovers. Both music streaming platforms Spotify and Gaana have advantages and disadvantages, are popular all over the World, and are famous for their unique features. Now the question arises in users’ minds, which music streaming platform is best and at the top level? So, Don’t worry. Stay with this Article to gain full knowledge of the comparison between Spotify and Gaana’s Pros and Cons.

Spotify vs. Gaana

The versatility and diversity of Spotify are admired, while Gaana is a regional platform. To help you make an informed decision, you should review Spotify and Gaana’s beats, features, key differences, prices, pros, and cons.

In this particular article, a detailed comparison between Spotify and Gaana Music is explained to guide every user with both music platforms’ unique features, pros, and cons. It helps each user to find easily one music streaming platform that suits a person. Spotify and Gaana Music both music streaming platforms offer a vast library that contains a large number of tracks, songs, playlists, and Albums but they are different in price, availability, and compatibility features. 

Spotify is a charmed music streaming platform that was developed by Daniel Ek & Martin Lorentzon. Spotify offers more than 70 million songs to its users. It also allows its users to enjoy tracks, tunes, Albums, and Podcasts with free or paid subscriptions depending on plan. Spotify offers customized playlists, downloading music for offline listening, and exploring large music library features.

On the other hand, Gaana is also a popular music streaming platform that allows millions of songs in different languages and different genres that users can easily access to list their favorite music without any hesitation. The application allows you to create playlists, find lyrics to sing along with, and even listen to podcasts. It’s like an enchanting musical playground filled with a wide variety of music.

Operating SegmentAudio Streaming
Audio Streaming
Publisher CountryIndiaSweden
DeveloperDaniel Ek (Chairman & CEO)
Martin Lorentzon
Times Internet
Top-Rated in CountriesIndiaUS, UK, and Brazil
Audio QualityFor Free- 128 kbpsFor Paid- 320 kbpsFor Free- 160 kbpsFor Paid- 320 kbps
HeadquarterGurgaon, Haryana, IndiaStockholm, Sweden
Compatible with DevicesiOS, Android, and Windows,iOS, Android, and Windows, Speaker

Spotify vs. Gaana: User Interface

Spotify vs. Gaana

Spotify contains a simple, interactive, straightforward, and user-friendly interface. It makes it easy for music lovers to easily navigate. The home web page functions with personalized playlists, tips, currently played music, and content material that you like more allowing you to explore content material l effortlessly. Search or browse tabs allowing locating unique songs, artists, or genres in no time. The “Discover” segment allows them to find out new tunes based totally on their options. Create and prepare playlists without any steerage because the track library is properly categorized with the resources of songs, albums, and artists. 

Gaana has a colorful, attractive, intrinsic, and consumer-exceptional interface. Finding trending songs, new releases or any specific Indian artist is simple and smooth. Simply use the “Browse” section type what you need to discover and click on input. Within some seconds, your preferred content might be in front of you.

Spotify vs. Gaana: Music Collection

Spotify vs. Gaana

Spotify is a global music streaming platform that offers more than 70 million songs, and 172 tracks from various genres,  Artists, and Languages and is also available in more than 190 Countries. Spotify sometimes offers exclusive content and releases from various popular Artists. Spotify application collaborates with Artists co-curators to create distinctive playlists which makes it easy for users to discover new music. 

On the other hand, Gaana Music is an Indian-based platform that allows only Bollywood and regional songs. Gaana Music allows its users to listen to songs in multiple languages. So, it depends on users in which particular language user want to listen to and enjoy it. A huge selection of songs, albums, and playlists from the Indian music industry is featured on the website.

Spotify vs. Gaana: Prices

Spotify and Gaana both music streaming platforms offer free versions and premium versions with different pricing structures. In particular free version includes ads, limited songs, and no offline listening.  Comparatively, the Premium version allows all premium features including ads-free, offline listening, and extreme audio quality features to its users.

The Premium subscription permits you to experience extraordinary music. Both are available at a month-to-month or yearly subscription price, giving users resilience in deciding on their desired payment plan.

Individual=CA$ 10.99/month————
Student=CA$5.99/monthPremium= ₹399/month
Duo= CA$14.99/monthPlus= ₹299/month
Family= CA$16.99/month————

Spotify vs. Gaana: Availability & Compatibility

Spotify vs. Gaana

Spotify premium application offers a vast library of genres and Artists from all over the World. Its Personalized playlists, recommendations, Albums, Tracks, Tunes, and Podcasts are available almost all over the World. Spotify Premium APK is also compatible with almost all devices including Android, iOS, Speakers, Windows, and Firesticks.

On the other hand, Gaana Music was developed in India, which features Bollywood and Regional Music. It’s like a musical playground with a variety of songs and features. Playlists can be created, lyrics found, and even podcasts are available.

Spotify vs. Gaana: Audio Quality

Spotify vs. Gaana

Spotify’s application offers extreme audio quality to its users. It offers a Hi-fi option feature that takes music to the next level. With a sound quality of 320 kbps, is clear, brittle, and boasts for all music lovers.  It is also well known for high-quality audio streaming which is a premium listening experience for its users. 

On the other hand, Gaana Music offers a solid audio experience to its users with a range from 64kbps to 320kbps. Basic audio quality experience range is  64kbps and Premium audio quality experience is 320kbps. 

Spotify vs. Gaana: Language Support

Spotify vs. Gaana

Spotify’s latest version allows multiple languages to its users which is easily accessible for all types of Countries and cultures making it easy to listen to their favorite music. As part of its global inclusivity allegiance, you can listen to music in your preferred language. 

Gaana is especially good at catering to Indian audiences with its extensive collection of Hindi and regional language songs. For music lovers, it’s a linguistic melting pot.


  • Vast Music Library.
  • Modern, Intrinsic, and user-friendly interface.
  • Extreme-quality audio streaming.
  • Vast Podcast library and original content.
  • Spotify’s personalized playlist and music recommendations.


  • Spotify’s free version includes ads and limitations.
  • Its pricing structure is relatively high for some users.
  • Offline Playback is restrained for premium users.


  • Gaana offers a reasonable pricing plan.
  • Extensive collection of Bollywood and regional songs.
  • A growing library of radios and podcasts.


  • It contains a few advanced features.
  • Low-quality audio experience faced by free users.
  • Limited and regional base content of music.

Spotify offers a Family Plan in which up to 6 persons of the family can be added. Also, the Spotify family plan offers a Spotify Kids section which contains only kids-friendly content. 

Yes, the offline listening feature is available on the Gaana music streaming platform but it is only available in its premium subscription.

Yes, it is possible to switch from Gaana to Spotify without any effort. If you wish to switch from Gaana to Spotify, download the app, create an account, and start using it.

Yes, each Spotify and Gaana provide lyrics for pick songs. However, the provision of lyrics may also vary, and it’s advocated to test the specific songs or functions on each platform.

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